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An established, reputable Italian Company active worldwide specialising in luxury interior design. We act as a single contact point for clients, architects and designers to create unique, bespoke living spaces. We understand the needs, requirements and desires of all parties involved. Innovation and exclusivity define our work. We meticulously oversee every step, keeping a constant watch from start to finish to deliver turn-key projects. We also provide guaranteed, competent and efficient after-sale assistance.

our creativity has no limits

Designing, matching, calculating, performing. It takes creativity, precision and real skills to produce unique, highly bespoke interiors. We are on a quest for the best, focussing on designs that bring to life elegant surroundings enhanced by exclusive materials in unique combinations. Our showroom displays a wide range of materials and a huge materials library for you to be personally involved in the creation of the mood of your choice.

render - cinema 4D vray

Right after the first round table meeting to discuss the choice of materials and finishes we create quality 3D renderings, realistic and satisfying, to give you a preview of the final result and get an immediate feeling of its mood.

Latest Projects

We do not settle for standard production: we are on a quest for exclusivity and innovation on your behalf.


Dentro Casa
December 2018
Dentro Casa
November 2018
Dentro Casa
October 2018


… a supplier of mine, a true star player when it comes to service, quality and price. His name is Bruno Baù and his company is Armonia Group Srl. An excellent technical office, organisation, production and fitting skills make the company competitive, precise and timely, delivering truly great quality. On top of that, you can always count on Bruno’s willingness and helpfulness.


…choice, measurements, transportation and fitting: everything was truly smooth and easy.


your company provided excellent service delivered with great competence for a truly magnificent final result. It has been a pleasure working with you and we hope there will be more opportunities for further collaboration.


Through the last several years, Bruno and his team at Armonia have never stopped to amaze us. In every project they have taken in our Ideal Orgs throughout Europe and abroad, they have surpassed insurmountable obstacles to manufacture and install the furniture in every location, not only displaying professionalism and care throughout the project but also doing anything that was needed to get that project done, going out of their way to ensure everything is perfect before each opening and at EVERY location. Their work is by far the best and most professional of any furniture contractor we have ever dealt with.

Thank you very much for providing your very best in every project.

Jorge M.

Thank you very much for all you have done and keep doing for us! Your work is highly appreciated! You’re the best!


Thank you so much for everything you have done for us!