Innovation and technology at your service

Our design department is made of architects, designers and skilled, highly qualified technicians who can develop the final design of the furnishings by carefully defining every single element down to the finest details. We use state-of-the-art technological equipment for the measuring surveys when our office moves to the construction site.

Our design services:

  • Design and creation of complete surroundings, personalised and bespoke, for both contract and residential work.
  • Complete final design, or support for architects and designers chosen by the client.
  • Several proposals for internal room allocation.
  • Proposals for furnishings, research of materials and choice of finishes.
  • Sketches, prospects, layouts and renderings.
  • Analysis of energy saving solutions and/or energy efficiency improvement.
  • Analysis and design of the lighting system, lighting design.
  • Analysis and design of home automation (domotics) and digital infrastructure.
  • Design of the furnishings, including soft furnishings, and bespoke design objects according to specific client requirements.
  • Design of personal wellness areas, private spa and private theatre.
  • Complete design construction with turn-key option available.

our creativity has no limits

Designing, matching, calculating, performing. It takes creativity, precision and real skills to produce unique, highly bespoke interiors. We are on a quest for the best, focussing on designs that bring to life elegant surroundings enhanced by exclusive materials in unique combinations. Our showroom displays a wide range of materials and a huge materials library for you to be personally involved in the creation of the mood of your choice.